Coach Bob Barber teaches principles of success to help inspire change, motivate growth and encourage personal development in the lives of others. This message has been the trademark of his softball coaching career for over 15 years.  Coach Bob’s success and the success of his teams are based on the implementation of these timeless principles and character based leadership skills.  He now teaches these principals to others through coaching, mentoring and professional speaking.

Coach Bob’s message of: Building the “I” in TEAM, teaches the individual (the “I”) how to implement these principles in their own lives, so that through their own personal successes, they are ultimately helping their TEAMs to succeed!  By helping individuals to discover their own worthiness, he slowly Awakens the Champion that is often lying dormant inside.  Before you can expect positive changes to occur in your outside world, you must begin by making changes to what you are thinking and feeling on the inside!  While these principles of success were originally taught to inspire and help his players, Coach Bob is now delivering this message to businesses, school districts and athletic teams to help Build the “I” in their own TEAM environment.

The process of Building the “I” in TEAM helped Coach Bob’s High School Varsity softball teams win over 70% of all games played over 9 years. His teams also won over 85% of all playoff games played, including 5 League Championships and 5 CIF Central Section Valley Championships. 

While these principles are based on Bob’s experiences as a softball coach, his paid profession over the past 25 years has been as a financial advisor in Central California. During this time, he built his speaking skills by providing professional investment seminars to the public. Bob currently lives in Fresno, California with his wife of 29 years, Donna and their 3 children.