What is BucketTalk?

BucketTalk is real world talk.  It is inspirational talk. BucketTalk is a series of videos created to inspire you to learn and implement the Power of Positive.  BucketTalk is about moving you towards the person you were created to be.  BucketTalk teaches small steps, that if taken daily, slowly begins to awaken the champion inside!

My goal as a coach is to help you to find your greatness.  Your greatness is unique to you and is residing inside of you.  The purpose of my videos are to share ideas that inspire you to dig deep to find, and begin developing, the greatness that has been inside of you since you were born.  Some of my BucketTalk topics will include: 

The power of your mind- The magic of green balloons - The power of positive energy - Laser focus - Setting higher standards - Your thoughts become your attitude - plus everything in between. 


Awaken the Champion Inside...

Becoming a champion is a process.  Owning the title of champion is not reserved just for athletes.  I believe that everyone was born with the potential to be great at something.  BucketTalks teach a process - a process of taking baby steps every day.  These steps, if taken daily will soon become new positive habits.  Your daily habits, will always determine your successes in life.  The habits I want you to own, are focused around the power of positive.   My goal as your coach, is to reinforce the positive in my videos, so you can personally experience the power of positive in your life and awaken your champion inside.

 I hope you are inspired to implement the power of positive in your own life, and to share these ideas and videos with others who can benefit from them.